Beverage & Juice Manufacturing, Distribution & Private Label Packaging for the Dairy, Grocery & Food Service Trades

Our Services

We offer Private Label and Co-Packing services.
See what our beverage manufacturing, packaging, distribution and shipping services can do for you

Product Formulation

Our technicians and on staff chemist can help you achieve your formulation goals whether that is to develop a “Me Too” product, enhance your existing product, lower your cost or expand your product line. Citrus Systems Inc. keeps abreast of food science innovations so you don’t have to.

Packaging & Label Design

In co-operation with our vendor partners we can help you develop packaging at the lowest possible cost. We can greatly reduce expensive design fees for label graphics as well as custom secondary packaging.

Shipping & Distribution

Citrus Systems Inc. offers shipping and distribution services at no cost for high volume partners and at very competitive prices to our partners who are still growing. Our services include logistics, storage, inventory management and reporting, accurate order processing and more.

Quality Control Systems

Quality Control and Food Safety is number 1 at Citrus Systems Inc. We are dedicated to reducing consumer complaints to the lowest possible level. We have a chemist and a microbiologist on staff. We perform shelf life testing, microbiological testing and much more.

Our Capabilities

We have Two pasteurizers, 6 packaging lines, 18 blending & storage vessels with over 60,000,000 gallons & over 600,000 CF of temperature controlled storage. Below are more of our private label and co-packing services.

Fruit & Vegetable Juice Blends

We offer a full range of juice products ranging the familiar such as 100% Not from Concentrate Orange Juice and Cranberry Cocktail to exotics such as Guava Puree and vegetable juices. We are capable of high sheer and low sheer blending, blending viscous products such as smoothies or Prune juice and incorporating gums and other value add dry goods with extended shelf life and NO preservatives.

Concentrated Juices & Drinks

Packed in 1.5 Gal, 3 Gal & 5 Gal Bag in Box, HDPE and PET Bottles as well as Cartridge Dispenser packs up to 1 gal. Flavors: Orange, Apple, Grape, Cranberry, Prune, Grapefruit, Mango, Pineapple, Assorted Berries and many more.


Citrus Systems Inc. offers a full range of tea products including Black Tea, Green Tea, and Flavored Teas in single strength or concentrate. While many manufacturers have to rely on preservatives Citrus Systems Inc. has an excellent track record packaging these sensitive products with extended shelf life and NO preservatives.

Custom Products

Citrus Systems Inc. remains nimble and quick to respond to new trends in the beverage market. We are capable of developing your custom line from concept to finished good ready for national distribution.


Citrus Systems Inc. knows what you are looking for in a co-packing partner: consistency and reliability. Our robust GFSI Compliant Food Safety and Food Quality program will give you piece of mind. As your co-packing partner we understand the value of your brand and will work with you to enhance it by reducing consumer complaints and keeping you abreast of industry innovations in packaging and formulation. We care about what is behind your label.

Packaging Currently Available

HDPE PET & COPET Bottling from 8oz to 128oz • 4oz & 6oz Portion Cups • 59oz and 64oz Gable Top Cartons • Bag in the Box • Cartridge Dispenser

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